Colors in the Cards – Part 1

What does COLOR signify in the Tarot?

Many people are unaware that, as well as the images, the colors on tarot cards have a story to tell too. I have taught many Intuitive Tarot classes where my students are surprised to find that the various colors on the cards are more than just decoration. I am an Intuitive Card Reader and an Artist as well, so color means a great deal to me and helps enormously in deciphering my spreads.

Colors are great mood signifiers and help you key into the overall feel of a reading. If you think about the colors yourself you will quickly come up with an associated impression. For instance, what does yellow mean to you? Maybe a bright sunny day or bright energy? How about grey, a murky mixing of colors that is neither bright nor clear or perhaps a stormy sky? What about green…plants, growth and immaturity? You see how this works. Easy yeah? Ok let’s see how good you are….
Take a look at this card…

0 Fool

Forget about the images and only see the colors. Imagine yourself as the character in the card…how would you feel in this colorful scenario?

Try this one… See yourself in the picture. What kind of mood does this conjure up?

Cups 12

One more card to practice on… Again, place yourself in the picture and imagine how you would feel in this atmosphere.


See, it’s easier than you think. Reading Tarot cards well is as much about your life experiences as it is intuition. They are actually very closely linked.

If this way of learning about the Tarot appeals to you, watch this space as we are launching an Intuitive Tarot Course E-book soon. It will teach you to be self-guided and you’ll be reading the cards in no time!
Well… as always thanks for visiting our site and don’t forget to send me your comments!
Many good wishes to you all,

The Yearly Tarot Reading

Happy New Year!!

First let us say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made 2013 a very successful year by trusting us with their readings. It was a great year so again thank you all.

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to have a yearly Tarot Reading. What is in store for you in 2014? What challenges will you face and how will you tackle them?  A Tarot reading using the appropriate spread will clarify what is looming in the coming year and reveal the possible pathways that will lead you to success.

There are so many spreads you can use for a ‘yearly read’ but my preferred spreads are the Monthly Main Issue/Solution Spread and the Astrological Spread. I find these to be less complicated than some spreads, plus I find I can always rely on them to bring up clear information. Being an intuitive reader, I go for spreads with few positional meanings and less convoluted ways of drawing the cards. This allows my intuition to flow unhindered. For this reason I often conjure up my own spreads!

The Monthly Issue/Solution spread is a 24 card spread. I draw my cards in 2 circles which symbolize the cyclical nature of the yearly journey. The first card drawn in the innermost circle is the Issue you will be dealing with for a particular month and the second, which is placed in the outermost circle, is guidance on how to deal with the challenge most effectively.

The Astrological spread can be drawn in a number of ways. I ask the client to give me their birthdate, time and place of birth and draw 12 cards, also in a circle, representing the astrological houses. This spread requires some knowledge both of astrology and Tarot. I find this to be one of the most valuable and accurate types of readings, especially when done to review the year ahead.

The Yearly Tarot Reading $79

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Well that’s my two-cents worth! Please don’t hesitate to write to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

I would like to wish all my clients, students and blog readers the very best for the coming year! And…if I can cast a few cards to assist in your 2014 journey, just let me know!


Discovering your Psychic Spark with the Tarot

I began to use Tarot cards many years ago as a tool for personal development; mainly because I received psychic hits sporadically and wanted to be able to control the flow of information. I became familiar with the cards and their meanings and read many books on the subject. That provided me with a strong foundation but the most valuable thing the Tarot taught me was this…

We think we know ourselves very well but the truth is most of us actually don’t! Hmmmm…

Have you ever met the person who harps on about themselves exclusively, ad nauseum; or the friend who always sees the negative in everything? Or perhaps you know someone who is so self-effacing that they get taken advantage of over and over? These people wouldn’t continue to behave like this if they truly knew how their actions impacted others. They seem to have little perception of the atmosphere surrounding their behavior, so how can they be expected to perceive the more subtle psychic energies?

Poor self-knowledge is not solely the province of extreme personality types, it really is something that affects all of us. After all, coming to know our soul’s desires is why we are here.

When you use Tarot cards to discover things about yourself, they serve as an unbiased critical eye. One that circumvents personal affront or hurt feelings. A Tarot Reading is like having a stranger point out honestly the details of your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing yourself is the real key to tapping into intuitive and psychic abilities.

Once you begin to understand your own true nature, and feel comfortable being who you are, shadow side and all, your filters begin to drop away and you become aware of information that is unrelated to you.

During my journey of self-discovery through the Tarot, my reading skills grew and people began to ask for my advice through tarot readings. No one was more surprised than me! I guess the lesson here is that in doing something that benefits your personal growth, you, by default, benefit others. Now there’s a concept!

Many people come to me for readings specifically to explore the possibility of latent psychic abilities. Although I believe we all have the innate ability to pick up psychic impressions every now and again, the cards are very good at highlighting true psychic talent and the circumstances surrounding these abilities.

Here are some cards that may point to intuitive or psychic abilities:

2 High Priestess

Ahhh, the High Priestess. This enthroned woman symbolizes deep knowledge of the universe, celestial intelligence. She holds a book on her lap, the Torah, which is the direct connection to knowledge. The moon on her headdress refers to Isis who is the goddess of magic and the supernatural. The wearing of a headdress is a symbol of superior intelligence, supreme spiritual authority. The moon itself always speaks of the hidden and the unconscious. The High Priestess sits between two pillars, a black one, Boaz, which roughly translated means Completion and a white one, Jachin which means the Beginning. She sits between the end and the beginning, understanding the cycles of creation and is backed by pomegranates and palm leaves which symbolize fertility of the imagination which is not affected by earthly aspects of logic.

If she shows up centrally in a reading with the question, ‘Do I have psychic abilities?’ the answer is a resplendent yes!

Cups 13

The Queen of cups carries with her the caring and intuitive nature of the mother. She too sits upon a throne of authority. She holds in her hand a covered cup of spiritual knowledge and wears a crown of power and legitimacy. She is surrounded by water but does not touch it, meaning she helps others understand their emotions. Choosing the Queen of Cups denotes a connection to the higher self, a kind empathetic listener. She is a caring reminder of the value of seeking knowledge within.

9 Hermit

The Hermit does not necessarily denote psychic abilities per se, but he does epitomize an exceptionally wise teacher. He represents someone with a deep understanding of life which he has gained through inner contemplation and solitude. He carries a lantern to shine the light of knowledge for others.

Feathers are seen repeatedly in Tarot symbolism and represent an intimate connection with air and higher realms. They are a flourish that denotes authority won by receiving guidance from above, particularly if they are worn on the head. I always see feathers as an intuitive connection.

0 Fool  13 Death  19 The Sun  Cups 12  Swords 12  Wands 11

Wands 12

Look to the cards for insights into your own intuitive and psychic abilities. You might be surprised what you find.

Many good wishes,


A Three Question Tarot Reading

Three Question Soulmate Tarot Reading

A three question reading  can give you  a more in depth look at one situation, or enable you to get guidance on different situations. The three question reading  gives you an overall view of the circumstances surrounding your questions with a greater focus on guidance top help you move forward positively.  Take a look below at a previous reading, this one happened to be on the same general theme, (permission granted by client to reproduce).

The questions: For some reason I am feeling lost with no particular direction and wonder what could be causing this? Could you tell me what I can do about it? Please give me some advice on how to find my true purpose for being here?

The cards initially chosen are: The Moon reversed, The Magician reversed, IX Cups reversed, Page of cups, VI of Pentacles, Three of Swords, VII of Cups, Death, II of Swords, VII of Swords

18 The Moon 1 Magician Cups 9 Cups 11 Pentacles 6

Swords 3 Cups 7 13 Death Swords 2 Swords 7

The interpretation:

First of all, the two major arcana cards (Moon reversed and Magician reversed), indicate to me that you are at a major crossroads in your life. Major arcana cards represent major events that have the potential to steer your life in another, ultimately more beneficial, direction and they foretell the manifestation of major life lessons. So peacefully accept whatever comes to pass in your life at the moment, see it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Pay particular attention to the messages you are given by others.

You are poised to discover something new but are for some reason holding off in doing so. This is perhaps due to insecurity or maybe even fear of failure. I am sensing you are intelligent and could probably tap into your talents and achieve more than you are doing now. It is a very important time to consider your options carefully.  Search your heart and think deeply about what truly resonates with you. Consider the question: What would your life’s work be, if you could choose without any restrictions?

It seems that you are meant to explore who you really are but are reticent to rely on your own intuition. For some reason you do not trust your own opinions and beliefs. Think about the times where you made a decision out of the blue that caused everything to work out beautifully. Remember the occasions where ‘you were right all along’. These are the times where your intuition took center stage and guided you in the right direction. Do what feels right and pay attention to the outcome. The more successes you have, the sooner you will feel able to rely on your own intuitive compass.

I suspect that you feel a little out there on your own. Maybe there aren’t any role models around you in your life to help propel you in the right direction. You have a tendency to underestimate your achievements and think that anyone could do what you do. This is not true. We are all different beings and we all approach things in our own particular way. Celebrate your uniqueness. You don’t have to be like everyone else. The most successful people in the world are incredibly adventurous and unique and allow their life to march to the beat of a different drum.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away.”

So do things in your own way regardless of societal (and familial) norms and expectations.

It is time to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved thus far in your life. When you feel good about yourself, it is much easier to move forward.

I feel you are a sensitive person with kind consideration for others. You have in the past been emotionally needy and at times feel unfulfilled, especially when others have let you down in some way. You may also be a little naïve in relationships and give your heart too freely. Be assured that a kind and open heart is a wonderful thing to possess, indeed this is what we are all striving for.  It is also possible that some, less than generous, people will take advantage of your kind heart. Try not to judge yourself by the actions of other people; they have problems and insecurities too and cannot be relied upon to give you a true reflection of yourself.  Have faith in yourself.

You are a generous person and are grateful for the good things in your life but you strive to understand the balance of giving and receiving. Sometimes you feel that you don’t receive as much good as you give out. My suggestion here is not to worry yourself about those expectations and to continue to give of yourself without expecting anything in return. Do not see it as a two sided thing. Life isn’t about ‘even stevens’ and the sooner you come to terms with this, the better you will feel. Let your good deeds have no strings attached.

If you are considering working in a service industry, I believe you would be very good at this type of work. Perhaps you could explore the type of occupation that helps people regain their sense of value. Remember, we always teach what we need to learn. You also fear the future and are afraid that if you take a different path in life you will fail. There have been circumstances in the past that have made you feel this way. It is important for you to know that the most accomplished people in the world have failed many more times than they have succeeded. It often takes trial and error to get things right, so be aware that you may have some obstacles to overcome, but dealing with them is how we grow. See the obstacles as challenges and learn as much as you can from them. The fact that you take this into consideration before you stride out in a new direction, makes the journey so much easier.

You know it is time for a change but are putting off making decisions. You feel like you have lost touch with yourself and those around you haven’t helped make your decisions any easier. It is appropriate at this point in time to consider which people, objects and activities are beneficial to your growth.  If you find you do not resonate with your friends anymore, perhaps it is time to find new ones. Look for activities where you will meet new people.

If your closets and drawers are full of old stuff, clear them out and pay a visit to Goodwill. If your environment is cluttered, your mind is cluttered too. Everything around you reflects your state of mind. Create space in your environment in order to allow room for new experiences to come in. Get rid of everything that no longer serves your growth. Jettison the people, places and things that no longer reflect who you are. The changes don’t have to be enormous. Don’t’ go crazy and dump everything. Start with little things, and before you know it the ‘clearing out’ will establish its own momentum.

Once you have ‘made room’ for a new life, doors will begin to open for you. Begin by researching information about a new occupation, one that excites you, one you have always been interested in. That only involves searching the web or a visit to the library, not too traumatic. Take up a new hobby that will broaden your horizons. Don’t let yourself be held back by ‘what ifs’. Life is too short to worry about the minute details. Review what you are good at. Think about what skills have brought you success in the past. Take what you have learned from your life so far and invest it in your future!

Wishing you good luck and success!

I hope you have enjoyed this three question Tarot Reading. Many times they are even longer than this – it depends what the cards and my intuition tells me. If you have any questions about the readings we do here at Soulmatetarot, please send them to me.

Many good wishes,


A Two Question Tarot Reading

So what is the benefit of a two question Tarot reading?

This type of reading enables you to take a look at your questions from numerous perspectives and allows a more comprehensive review of the circumstances surrounding your inquiry. As always we will draw as many cards as we need to clarify our response.

Here is a two question reading where both questions addressed the same subject. Even though no names are used permission has been granted by our client to use this reading.

The question: “My relationship is going through a rocky period. Is there anything I can do to get it back on track? How will I know when things are getting better?

The cards initially chosen are: King of Wands reversed, Temperance reversed, Knight of Pentacles reversed, II of Cups reversed, Page of Swords, VI of Cups reversed. Qualifying cards chosen are the Page of Wands and the VI of Swords.

Wands 14 14 Temperance Pentacles 12 Cups 2 Swords 11 Cups 6

Wands 11 Swords 6

The interpretation: There seems to be a ‘disconnect’ between you and your partner. It is almost as if you are both concentrating on different goals and forgetting to touch base with each other on the various aspects of your progress. I am sensing an unbalanced atmosphere surrounding your partner. He seems to be out of sorts or not himself and may be feeling down. I feel he is trying hard to manifest a comfortable lifestyle for you both but is struggling in some way to keep up the effort. I am sensing he may be thwarted in some way although he is good at what he does and is normally a creative and resourceful thinker. There is a possibility he may have to compromise his authenticity or integrity in some way to progress at work.  Perhaps he is working too hard or spending too much time thinking about work and needs a break?  He may on occasion be drawn to addictive behavior to allay boredom or anxiety.  Has he let his gym membership lapse? He needs some kind of activity to release the tension so he can ward off stress.

You seem to be quite accomplished and may have been doing very well in your profession. You are a driven individual with a strong focus on your goals. Possibly a bit of a workaholic. In striving for what you want to accomplish, are you forgetting to include your partner in your triumphs? I am sensing that you do not share enough with your significant other. He may feel left out and of secondary importance. Indeed he may be striving too hard to follow your lead or make you notice him. I believe it would benefit you both if you took the time to step off the treadmill and do something together.

It seems you are both getting bogged down with your own private issues. You should consider the question: Are you working in sync towards a better life together or are you just concentrating on yourself? Now is the time to talk honestly with one another. Find out what is happening in your partners working environment. Show him you are interested. Tell him how things are progressing at work and in general for you. Ask his opinions and be a good listener. Discuss your hopes and dreams and ask about his. Reconnect. The old saying…”A problem shared is a problem halved,’ is apt here. Do not underestimate the value of empathy and kind consideration.

You may have both been so engrossed in attaining your objectives that you have inadvertently lost sight of each other. It is a common theme and one that can be reversed if you have the desire to do so. Communicate.

You will know things are getting better when you both find time to check in with each other, perhaps a call or a text.  Getting away for a break would benefit you both. I am seeing the possibility of a long weekend away it feels like a place with a lot of trees, near water, New England maybe? It seems to be a place that will inspire your senses and not overwhelm them, so Vegas is out! Try to go somewhere you have never been before, somewhere authentic you can explore; a new location you can discover together. Get out in nature…walk.  Leave your cell phones in your suitcase and take the time, unhindered, to rest and unwind. See the future as something positive that you can both contribute to.

Well, I hope this gives you an idea of the kind of insights that are possible with a two question reading. As always, intuitive insights are very important in a Soulmate Tarot reading and we will always include them.

I am happy to hear your comments and questions. The next blog will highlight a three question Tarot reading so stay tuned!


So what does an Email Soulmate Tarot Reading look like?

I have thought a lot about explaining how Alan and I do Tarot Readings and I suppose it is time to get this down on paper … well the type of paper you have in hyper-space anyway! Firstly I would like you to know that all the readings we do at Soulmate Tarot are hands on, no computer generated spreads here! We meditate with the cards, review your questions, think of your name and ask for guidance, then we draw the cards for you.  We are psychic tarot readers, meaning that we use the cards as a tool to unlock our perceptions and don’t completely rely on the documented meanings of the cards. This way of reading has developed organically over time and has enabled us to help many more people find their way forward.

We do one, two and three question email readings. Here is an example of a one question reading:

A one-question reading can help you review the circumstances or atmosphere surrounding that one particular question and highlight the possible avenues you may take in answering it. Questions like: “Is my relationship good for me?’ or “Should I consider changing my job?” are appropriate here as they are clear and to the point. You have obviously come to a crossroads of some kind and need a little guidance. We will pick as many additional cards as are necessary to clarify your answer.

Here is an example, (permission granted and no names will be used.)

The question: “Why do I feel so uncomfortable at work at the moment? The questioner also added the following clarifying information to help make the answer more specific, “I work for a busy retail company and have done so for the last 6 years.”

The cards chosen were: The V of Pentacles, the Queen of Swords, and the Page of Swords reversed. Additional card chosen to clarify: IV of Cups.

  Pentacles 5     Swords 13     Swords 11     Cups 4

The interpretation was as follows: The atmosphere surrounding your job or some aspects of your duties have changed in some way. You may feel overlooked or marginated. Perhaps there are new targets being drawn up or you are unaware of what is expected of you due to changes behind the scenes. Maybe you are relying too much on the support of others. Make sure there isn’t a drop in your efficiency and review how you are apportioning your time. How are your time management skills at the moment? Are you resting on your laurels lately or not thinking things through? If you are distracted with things not work-related, try and leave those things for personal time. If they are too important to put aside then deal with those first then you can refocus on work duties.

 It seems that a supervisor or someone you look up to is measuring your performance or monitoring you in some way. This person is business-like but was a supporter of yours in the past. You may wish to communicate with this ‘supervisor’ and clarify any questions you may have about the way forward for you. It is important to be proactive, polite and truthful. This person is a competent mentor and will give good advice although they may seem unsympathetic or perhaps a little insensitive. He/she has the ability to speak for you with senior members of staff so relay exactly what you feel comfortable sharing.

 It wouldn’t surprise me if a new staff member has appeared on the scene or will soon appear or a colleague has changed their opinion of you. This person will be sharp and efficient and likely quite ambitious. There may be some rivalry present. Take note; that employee may resort to unorthodox methods of getting noticed or pursue unusual ways of getting their own way. Now is the time for you to pull up your bootstraps and take a look at where you can improve. Have you been feeling bemused or disinterested and not been paying attention to what is happening around you? Is your ambition waning? If you have difficulty rallying, once you are aware of all the circumstances surrounding your insecurity, you may want to reconsider whether you are in the right workplace.

Don’t forget we also do readings by Phone and Skype which is a dynamic interactive experience where you are able to ask questions as the reading develops.

I hope that you find this post useful and look forward to being a part of your journey in the future.


The end of a beautiful friendship?

Reading for friends can be quite an experience and occasionally a not very good one. Friends care for you and trust you but that doesn’t always mean that you say what they want to hear. The questions most likely to cause sparks are often something like … “Why is my love life in tatters – what am I doing wrong?” or “Why am I not finding my soulmate?” or the most dangerous one of all, “Why does this keep happening to me?” These questions seem common place, taking them at face value, but be very careful here, you might just tell your friend something that doesn’t sit well with them. The truth can be a tough pill to swallow. So how can you remain true to yourself as a reader while not putting your best friend’s nose out of joint? Is that even possible?

Let’s take a look at what might be going on here… Friends can momentarily forget that you are being given information by the cards (and your intuition) and wrongly assume that you are giving them your personal ‘opinions’. This can sometimes bring up feelings for them that you are being disloyal. They often have an unspoken assumption that you will always say nice things about their actions even though they know themselves that some of them may be ill considered.

Also, chances are your friend is getting your time for free and thus may not value the reading as much as a paying client. This is not to suggest that there is a deficit in their integrity or judgment, it is just human nature.

Keeping these two things in mind, my suggestion would be to remain as professional as possible by letting your friend know what happens during the course of a reading. In other words don your ‘Tarot Reader hat’ and do your introductory talk and preparation just as you would for a normal client to prepare them for what is about to unfold. Warn them that you will be honest about what you glean from your time together. This will, in the majority of cases, reconfigure the archetype of ‘friends’ to that of ‘teacher and student’ or ‘giver of information’ and ‘receiver’, which is a much better platform from which to do an accurate reading.

The other thing to consider is how you feel yourself about doing a reading for someone close to you.  As a professional Tarot Consultant you learn to open up to the energies of the querent and relay information in a manner that will truly help your client. When reading cards for an insistent friend, sometimes it is hard to overcome your filters, the things you already know about them, to give an accurate reading. After all you may be an insightful reader but you are only human. Only proceed if you feel you can be objective and feel assured the experience will be helpful. Let them know that you will be commenting on what the cards are showing you in the light of what you know about them already. This takes care of the comment…’you only said that because you know me…’

Phew…is it really worth all this agro? Probably. After all it is our job to relay the wisdom given to us through the cards even if it is challenging. Now, what do you do if the cards tell you something that is difficult to pass on to your friend? What you ‘pick up’ may lead you to discuss a sensitive subject. For example, you may sense an impending disaster or the dissolution of a relationship? How can you deliver this with tact while being sensitive to your friend’s feelings? Let’s look at a simple scenario…

Suppose the Lovers  6 The  Lovers  card appears next to 15 Devil the Devil card and your friend is asking about the possibility of a relationship being successful (and the other cards in the spread also lead you to the same conclusion)? Cringe-worthy, yes? Obviously the relationship isn’t in her best interest, at least not in the long term. Well first of all, it is not wise to say something like…  ‘He is the devil, beware or be careful you won’t be chained to him forever, lol.

Engage your diplomacy muscle and say something like this…’ You obviously have a strong attraction to this man and may be thinking about him all the time (obsessing probably, but don’t say this).  My advice would be for you to examine your roll in the relationship…is it an equal and balanced relationship and do you feel your needs are being met? Does he value your opinion and consider your feeling when making decisions that affect you both? What are the positive aspects of the relationship and what do you feel are the negative aspects?

Asking questions during the course of a reading assures your client that you are being shown information and guidance regarding their relationship but at the same time allows your friend to explore these things with you rather than you forcing unpleasant information on them. It respectfully puts the ball back in their court. An exchange along these lines will probably lead your friend to take a better look at her relationship and see the flaws for herself.

Reading cards is like writing a good story. It is important to ‘show’ rather than just ‘tell’. Having the client, whoever they may be, discover something for themselves through your guidance is the hallmark of a good Tarot Reader.

Ok, let’s practice this philosophy by looking at a particular card combination…

Pentacles 3    16 The Tower

What if the following cards appeared … Three of Pentacles reversed   and The Tower and your friend asks you..  “Is the job I am applying for a good fit for me?”

Pretty intense…huh? Let me know how you would tactfully respond to your client. The more, the merrier! Practice makes perfect for all of us!

I am excited to see your responses!

Kind regards,


Is Tarot an Island?

Many people assume tarot readers learn the ‘definition’ of each card and reiterate the same when clients ask a question. They assume that the isolated meaning of Tarot cards in a reading is a method of insight in and of itself…but actually the suggested meanings are just part of the story; there is so much more involved….tons!

Let’s refer to the cards for a moment. Each individual card in the deck displays a myriad of colors, figures, numbers, and often animals and symbols. These are linked to astrology, numerology, archetypal imagery, color symbolism and ancient philosophy. Not only that but each of the varied styles of deck, and there are thousands, carry an additional overlay of thought and study influenced by the source and principles of the particular knowledge from which it is derived.

For example the Hermetic deck embodies the philosophy and symbolism of the ancient order of the Golden Dawn; The Alchemical deck is inspired by the spiritual alchemy of the Rosicrucians; the Robin Wood deck is rich in Pagan symbolism … you get the idea.

Remember also, the Tarot reader has philosophical filters of his/her own that come into the equation. One final and very important thing to add to the pot is intuition. Any seasoned tarot reader worth a darn relies on intuitive impressions to bring a reading to life. What a minefield of influences!  I am not telling you these things to freak you out, or suggest you transform yourself into a tarot geek. I am trying to illustrate how wonderfully multifaceted the art of Tarot is….honest!

Ok, take a look at this:

21 The WorldThe World card has a lot of symbolism, it generally represents the completion of a cycle of manifestation and the release from it, a graduation of some kind. It is also a major arcana card which gives it stronger significance in a spread. The wreath around the figure represents the trappings of a triumphant journey. The red ribbon tied on the wreath signifies eternity. The figure is said to be a hermaphrodite indicating synthesis of both feminine and masculine aspects. The bull, man, eagle and lion on the four corners (often called the four faces of the cherubim in Ezekiel’s Vision) are found in the Old Testament and are symbols of ever present movement and cycles of the world; the ever changing nature of the universe. The four figures are referred to as the Triax in the Thoth deck and are said to symbolize a synthesis of all four aspects or elements leading to a higher understanding.

The planet associated with the World card is Saturn which correlates with self-control, limitation, maturation and a timely accomplishment. The number of the card is 21 and as is customary in numerology, the two and one added together make 3 which represents synthesis, two coming together but being more than the sum of its parts, a creation of something bigger, more significant. In other words it describes ending one cycle and ascending to a higher cycle of being.

The preponderance of blue in the background denotes freedom, imagination and expansiveness. Clouds surrounding the figures in the four corners suggest manifestation from above or a spiritual framing of events. The Purple drape around the figure’s body suggests guidance and assistance from the highest realm. (This is why Royals wore purple!) The two batons or wands the figure holds in both hands depict balance and connection to the powers of the universe, mastery. (Think of the Magician) The figure is said to be dancing indicating joy and the soul’s intoxication through a life well spent. The posing of the legs, crossed one over the other, is also suggestive of a crossroads in life like we see in the Hanged Man, although unlike the Hanged Man, which signifies a hiatus in the present cycle of events where one might consider the next move, the crossed legs in the World card represent the final threshold has been crossed into the next phase of higher manifestation and learning.

The World card I have chosen is from the Rider- Waite deck. The symbolism found in this deck is based on profound occult (meaning..hidden) studies by mystic A. E. Waite. The illustrations were created by Pamela Coleman Smith. The deck was originally published by William Rider and Sons of London in 1909.  Both Waite and Smith were members of the Holy Order of the Golden Dawn, a group based in London, which practiced spiritual development through ritual and study of ancient philosophies. It has been one of the largest single influences on 20th-century Western mysticism.

Waite states in his Pictorial Key to the Tarot:

“The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs. Given the inward meaning of its emblems, they do become a kind of alphabet which is capable of indefinite combinations and makes true sense in all. On the highest plane it offers a key to the Mysteries, in a manner which is not arbitrary…”

The World card, in accordance with the beliefs of the Order of the Golden Dawn was named ‘The Great One of the Night of Time’. (Remember Saturn’s influence?)

Multifaceted, like I said. And trust me this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the card’s symbolic meaning. Fascinating isn’t it?

Of course it is always important to consider this card in the context of a spread and the question being asked but, for me, based on my experience reading for many years, typically, the World card represents the culmination of a journey where everything comes together to herald success, a happy outcome. Seems almost too simple somehow in light of the card’s history, doesn’t it?

What does the World card mean to you? How does the particular deck you use influence the meaning of the World card? Send me your ideas and insights! I am excited to know your opinions.


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card spread ink drawing
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Court Cards and their Culinary References

The Court Cards and their culinary references – an odd concept?

Court cards can be challenging to say the least. What exactly are they trying to tell us? Are they people who march into the spread or do they represent a quality in the querent that needs to be examined? Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help you remember the overall feeling of each of the court cards.

I just happen to enjoy cooking a lot and have to admit I am visually and emotionally connected to food. So why not use this passion to familiarize myself with the meaning of the most difficult cards in the deck? Mad, huh? It’s really not as crazy as it sounds. We are all different and have our preferences, dislikes and ‘meh’ categories. So let’s key into yours…are you a chef…a fashionista…an artist…a poet…a car freak…? Identify your passion and find a way to relate it to the court cards.

For instance, is the Knight of Swords ‘punk’ in his fashion choices? Is the King of Pentacles a Rolls Royce driver? Does the Page of Cups remind you of a romantic poem? Is the Queen of Wands a headstrong artist with total belief in her talents? I could go on and on…are you beginning to feel my drift? Ok stick with me a little longer and I will give you some examples of the culinary variety…

Cups 13The Queen of Cups always makes me think of something secretive, well considered something deeply meaningful so when thinking of food, I imagine something hidden and cool like Baked Alaska. Ha! It has a protected outer layer and a cool interior full of surprises. For those of you who are not familiar with this desert, it is ice cream covered in meringue and baked in the oven. Quite a concept. The ice cream is in deep in the interior and totally unexpected. Are you getting it?

Pentacles 12

The Knight of Pentacles always makes me feel that he would prefer a home cooked meal made with the very best ingredients, ones that would conquer his hunger as he is a hard worker. I feel he would enjoy meat and potatoes, nothing particularly exotic. This a meal he has quite regularly as he is stoic in his views and habits. Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and veg, with lots of gravy, I think!

Swords 11

The Page of Swords is a very particular young person, who likes things to be just so. He doesn’t have a lot of patience and is most likely a picky eater. He is likely to dine on chic nouvelle cuisine, small, fancy, over thought out dishes; nothing heavy or indulgent.  Maybe salmon ceviche with rapini and a dill espuma garnish, perhaps?


Wands 14The King of Wands is a passionate man who would enjoy beautifully presented succulent dishes, especially the fiery variety, hang the calories! He eats with all his senses and loves to indulge. Chicken Tikka Masala, hot and spicy, with all the chutneys, naam bread and pickles. Yum!


Are you having fun yet? Well, I hope this has been inspiring for you. At Soulmate Tarot we believe the best way to learn the meanings of the court cards and what they are trying to tell you is to be creative with them.

Cups 12


Try imagining what would be on the Knight of Cup’s menu and remember to combine what you already know about the card with your culinary imagination…


Have fun with this and send me your ideas. I would love to hear them!